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.w.i. and manslaughter charges. >> you could be handing over extra money for your next soda or energy drink in s francisco. supervisor plans to introduce a measure to tax soda and other sugary benefit programs like energy drinks. the bigger the drink, the higher the tax. two cents an ounce raising $31 million a year and require the approval of two-thirds of san francisco voters. what do you think? go to facebook and join the conversation. amy hollyfield will have more on the idea coming up at 6:30. >> san francisco homeless advocates will rally at city hall today before the board supervisor votes on a proposal to close the city parks overnight. demonstrators held a sleep in last night in the mission district. they are opposed to closing parks between midnight and 5:00 a.m. to prevent vandal imbut protests say it will punish the homeless who have nowhere else to go. >> the berkeley city council will decide on an appeal brought by former tenants of a burned out apartment complex would landlord has a history of negligence. the former ten amendments of the -- tenants of thing say the owner disconnec
say it lasted over a minute with the shaking with a lot of energy. right now, there are no reports of damage or casualties. we will continue to monitor this earthquake news. >> right now, developing news on the peninsula with police trying to determine if there are more young victims after a child care worker was arrested for lewd acts. matt keller is at the elementary in san mateo. matt? >> police say this alleged incident took place at the elementary school during an after school program two weeks ago but the investigation is not over. police say it happened october 18, a friday, and child care aide was sitting with the elementary school age girl in the afternoon and he kissed her and touched her. the district upon lending this removed him with contact with children and provided information to the san mateo police. police and the school district are trying to determine if he has had other inappropriate contact. he was arrested october 25 at his home. he faces charges of lewd acts with a minor under age 14. anyone with information is asked to call the san mateo police department.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2